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Resolving Conflicts Among Owners And Shareholders

Last updated on August 23, 2023

In the beginning, everyone is on the same page. But at some point, business partners or shareholders clash over the direction of the enterprise or allegations of wrongdoing. Most internal disagreements get resolved, but some situations call for outside intervention.

James & Waddle PC provides dispute resolution and legal representation for partnership and shareholder disputes in the San Diego area. We counsel individual partners of a business, members of an LLC, or shareholders of a corporation on their rights and obligations. Our goal is to avoid the expense and fallout of full-fledged litigation, although we are always prepared to advocate vigorously for our clients in court.

Shareholder And Partnership Disputes

In internal business disputes, emotions can run strong. Our experienced attorneys are familiar with common conflicts among business stakeholders, such as:

  • Interpretations of the partnership, operating or shareholder agreement
  • Allegations of self-dealing or breach of fiduciary duty
  • Squeeze-outs and other power plays
  • Incompatible personalities or management styles
  • A partner or member who wants out
  • Disagreements over hiring or expansion
  • Minority shareholder oppression

Whatever the nature of the dispute, James & Waddle PC can provide perspectives and strategies to find a practical resolution.

There Are Options To Protect Your Interests

Ownership disputes can quickly get out of hand, especially when the governing documents do not dictate a forum for conflict resolution. Our lawyers can explore the pros and cons of mediation, arbitration, and negotiation, with the hopes of resolving your legal issues. We have extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution, including negotiated buyouts and out-of-court business dissolution.

We have also represented partners and shareholders in initiating and defending lawsuits, including motions for injunctive relief. When disputes proceed to litigation, our experienced trial lawyers will position you in a way that protects your personal investment and your business entity. 

Get Us Involved Early 

The prudent move is to seek legal counsel at the first sign of trouble, to try to resolve rifts before the point of no return. Contact James & Waddle PC at 619-604-1696 if you have an urgent situation, or use our online content form to reach out.

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